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Angelic Reiki Attunement

Angelic Reiki is a form of energy healing that incorporates the use of angelic energies and spiritual healing techniques.  An attunement is a process through which the practitioner is connected to the energy of the angels, allowing them to channel the energy more effectively during a healing session.

Energy Healing

Level 1 & 2

Angelic Reiki Level 1 is typically the introductory level and focuses on teaching the basic principles of Reiki and angelic healing. Participants learn how to channel divine energy to heal themselves and others, as well as how to use a variety of symbols and affirmations to enhance the healing process.

Angelic Reiki Level 2 is the advanced level, where participants build upon the skills they acquired in Level 1. They learn more advanced healing techniques, such as distance healing and the use of angelic healing grids. Participants also receive attunements to higher levels of consciousness and angelic energies, which allow them to access deeper levels of healing for themselves and others.

Level 3 & 4

Angelic Reiki Level 3 and 4 are higher levels of training in the Angelic Reiki healing system. These levels build upon the skills and knowledge gained in Level 1 and 2.

Angelic Reiki Level 3 focuses on personal growth and spiritual development, as well as on refining the practitioner's healing skills. Participants learn advanced healing techniques and receive attunements to higher levels of consciousness, which allow them to access deeper levels of healing for themselves and others. They may also learn how to work with angelic realms, including the use of specific angels and Archangels for healing purposes.

Angelic Reiki Level 4 is considered the master level and focuses on mastering the skills and techniques learned in the previous levels. Participants receive further attunements and training to become master healers and teachers of Angelic Reiki.


It's important to note that Angelic Reiki is a form of complementary therapy and should not be used as a substitute for conventional medical care. Always consult a qualified healthcare professional for medical advice and treatment.

Reiki Therapy
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