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Corporate wellbeing consultant

How can a corporate wellbeing consultant help you?

Improving mental wellbeing in the workplace has become increasingly important in recent years. It is well-established that a positive work environment and good mental health go hand-in-hand, and when individuals are struggling with mental health issues, their work performance and overall well-being can suffer. With mental health concerns on the rise, there has never been a more important time to focus on promoting positive mental health practices in the workplace.


Our corporate wellbeing packages offer both great value and great flexibility to ensure we can provide an optimal service for your workforce. 


See all of our available packages below.

Our intention

To bring focus to the overall well-being of ourselves and support our natural development.

・ Re-wiring the MIND

・ Nourishing the BODY

・ Awakening the SOUL”


To increase mindfulness, establish healthy work/ life balance. Promote physical, mental, and emotional well-being.


Boost overall morale and improve productivity. Decrease work based stress.


Mindful Minute (2-hour workshop) 15 staff maximum

  • Introduction to Mindfulness, the thinking mind and Mental Health

  • Implementation of Positive Psychology

  • Chair Yoga/ Yoga 

  • Science backed strategies for : Stress management, Nervous system/ emotion regulation, Work place resilience.  

  • Breathing techniques

  • Topic Specific Guided meditations

  • Reiki Energy Healing

£350 /per workshop

Tailored packages (minimum hire 2 hours) 10 staff

​Choose any 3 of the above options to operate rolling sessions.

£150 /per hour


Designed for businesses who require groups of 2 or 1:1 support for staff

  • Reiki Energy Healing  (30-minutes)

  • Guided meditations (30- minutes)

  • Stress management, resilience building, emotion management

  • Mindfulness, well-being strategising

Full day (8 staff members) £300

Half day (4 staff members) £150


If your business calls for a more bespoke offering please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Contract discounts are available.

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